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Some Family Pictures

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Kristian Severin Nilsen Giske Jangaard (1826-1912) and Synnøve Olsdatter Jangaard (1842-1920)

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The Røysa farm on the south side of Sula island where Kristian Jangaard's father Nils was born.


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Kristian's gravestone at Giske Church Cemetery.

peterannefam1900.JPG (23490 bytes)

Captain Peter Mikal Jangaard and Anne Valderhaug Jangaard with family about 1900.

Children from left: Kristian, Ole, Peter, Karoline (Calla), Selma and Nils.


annesparentsolekaroline.JPG (35309 bytes)

Ole Knutsen Lille-Nørve(1816-1902) and Karoline Eliasdatter Valderhaug(1825-1911).

Parents of Anne Valderhaug Jangaard.

The old barn and "stabbur" at Jangaard in 1966. Nils Jangaard in front. The Valderøy municipal building is now located on this site.


arntogjohanne2.jpg (25619 bytes)

Johanne Kristiansdatter Jangaard (1863-1941) and Arnt Mikal Arnesen Farstad Jangaard (1860-1917)

far70,1966 siblings.JPG (25981 bytes)

Children of Capt. Peter M. Jangaard and Anne Valderhaug in 1966. From left: Selma Johanne Røsberg (1891-1989); Nils Kornelius Jangaard (1896-1990); Anne Petrine Jangaard (1900-1992);       Karoline (Kalla) Laurentze Aase (1898-1993); ) Ole Mikal Jangaard (1889-1974) and Peter Andreas Jangaard (1893-1983.

family1931.JPG (44431 bytes)

Family 1930/31. From left: Borghild Seljesæter Jangaard, Peter Michael Jangaard, Bjørg Jangaard and Nils Jangaard

Family1966.JPG (35921 bytes)

Family 1966. From left: Bjørg Jangaard Loe, Nils Jangaard, Borghild Seljesæter Jangaard, Peter Michael Jangaard and Ingrid Jangaard Ousland.

Dinner100dpi.JPG (149886 bytes)

Nils Jangaard was Norwegian Vice Consul in Halifax, N.S. 1941-1943.


Hans,Olaf,Colbein.JPG (82651 bytes)

Hans, Olaf and Colbein Jangaard (Jangard); Tacoma 1978.


Sverre,LucKrisVienoPeter1983.JPG (74685 bytes)

Sverre, Lucille, Chris, Vieno and Peter Jangaard. San Diego 1983.