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  Right: Relief by the well known sculptor Anders Svor (owned   by Peter M. Jangaard)


My great great grandfather Rasmus Hansen Navelsaker Ytre Svor (1790-1877)

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My grandfather, "Kommandørsersjant" Ivar Iversen Seljesœter .

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My grandparents Ivar Iversen Seljesœter (1859-1930) and Ingeborg Semundsdatter Slenes Seljesœter (1872-1910)  with children Helga (Giske), Borghild (Jangaard) and Ivar.

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 Rasmus Klemet Klemetsen Ytre Svor (1843- 1916)and wife Kari Olsdtr. Flore(1846-1910). Children front: Knut and Johan. Back: Einar, Ragna, Olaf, Anna, Sigurd, Marie and Eivind.The family emigrated to America and settled in Montevideo, Minnesota.


Ola Raftevold (1913-1999) ran Raftevold's Hotel, Grodås, for more than half a century. His daughter Anne is now the hostess.

Otto Ivarson Seljeset (1908-1990)   and his wife

 Olava Paulsdtr. Seljeset (b.Kroken)(1914-2001)